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<a href="" title="#OCCUPYWALLST | Sotheby’s">#OCCUPYWALLST | Sotheby’s</a>


A group of Occupy Wall Street protestors joined union workers outside Sotheby’s auction house on Thursday, October 20th. Unionized art handlers have been in a 3 month long labor dispute with the auction house. Sotheby’s wants the workers to accept wage cuts, even though the company sold $3 billion worth of art in the first half of this year and gave their CEO a 125% raise from last year.… Read More.

Picture of the Day | Zuccotti Park | NYC, NY

On 2011-09-22 Troy Davis Protestors march from Union Square to Liberty Plaza to join Occupy Wall St. The NYPD violently confronted protestors at the park.

Picture of the Day | Zuccotti Park | NYC, NY

NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D700 – 1/160 – f/2.8 – ISO 12800

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<ahref="occupywallst-folly-sq">#OCCUPYWALLST | FOLEY SQ</a>


After more than twenty labor groups and unions pledged solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, thousands and thousands of protestors met on October 05 at 4:30 to march from Folly Square to the Financial district.

Together they protested the injustices of corporate control, the ineptitude of the current government, lack of working class representation, and the damning financial and moral burdens of imperialism.… Read More.

SlutWalk – NYC

<a href="">SlutWalk – NYC</a>

On October 1st 3,000 – 4,000 people gathered to attended the SlutWalk NYC rally and march. The diverse crowd, primarily made up of young men and women, marched from Union Square through the East Village and past the 9th Precinct (former home of the alleged NYPD rapists Moreno and Mata) chanting; ‘Hey Rapists Go Fuck Yourself’ and ‘No means no – however we dress, where-ever we go!” The march coincided the day after the Wall Street Journal posted a story on Brooklyn cops telling women to ‘cover it up’ in response to ongoing series of sexual attacks in the Park Slope neighborhood.… Read More.

Occupy Wall St – 1 Police Plaza

<a href="">Occupy Wall St – 1 Police Plaza</a>

On September 17, an impassioned group of students, activists and veterans descended on Wall Street to set up a peaceful encampment and hold a people’s assembly in nonviolent civil disobedience to the commodification of contemporary society and the bank bailouts.

On September 30th rumor spread over twitter that an impromptu concert by the band Radiohead was going to take place at approximately 4pm in Zuccotti Park.… Read More.