After Hurricane Sandy | Far Rockaway

The broken and splintered Rockaway Boardwalk. The Hurricane Sandy storm-surge tore the Boardwalk apart, scattering sections as much as four blocks inland.

A young man from Far Rockaway stares out the window of the Q53 bus. In the background debris is being removed from flooded homes on Cross Bay Blvd.

Reinaldo Mojica and his family stand in front of his home, in Glendale, Queens. During the storm two large trees fell, one tore the porch overhang off his home house; the other fell in between Reinaldo’s home his neighbor’s. Reinaldo has lived in this home for over a decade. He moved to this neighborhood after getting married.

A young boy in Far Rockaway watches as families clear out their ruined belongings, discarding them on the curb.

A neighbor helps to clean out the first floor of Andrew Richter Sr. on Rockaway Beach Blvd. Both of Andrew Richter’s homes were flooded; everything on the basement floors was destroyed.

Jose Marrero cleans up his garage after the storm on 10924 Rockaway Beach Blvd. His entire basement floor was flooded to the ceiling, his custom motorcycle submerged in water and ruined.

Neighbors help clean out the garage of Andrew Richter Sr. on Rockaway Beach Blvd. Both of Andrew Richter’s homes were flooded; everything on the basement floors was destroyed.

Two waterlines, in the entrance way to the first floor of Andrew Richter Sr.’s home, in Far Rockaway. The higher waterline marks the initial flooding and storm-surge, the lower waterline was the standing water remaining after the storm.

The Longo family cleans out their basements, and first floor apartments at 173 Beach 110st in Far Rockaway.

Ruined family photographs salvaged from the home of Andrew Richter Sr. on Rockaway Beach Blvd.

The splintered and broken boardwalk on Rockaway beach.

The Longo family pumps water out of their basement and first floor apartments on Beach 110th St. in Far Rockaway. The Longo’s own a number of beach vacation homes just a few blocks from the water, all of which were flooded during the Hurricane.

A water-fountain in a school playground, which has been covered in sand because of the storm.

A bicyclist stops to take a photograph of the devastated Boardwalk on Rockaway beach. Shore Front Pkwy is covered in; dirt, sand, and debris, in the background piles of debris have been moved to clear the road.

A boy on Shore Front Pkwy holds a sign, which had broken off during the storm.

During the Hurricane the force of the storm flung sand, debris, and chunks of the boardwalk many blocks inland. Here a crushed car lies battered in a parking lot just off Rockaway Beach.

A young man stops and gets off his bicycle, to gaze at the devastated Boardwalk in Far Rockaway.

In Far Rockaway, a man tries in vain to start his car. Hundred of cars, litter the street, and were submerged and destroyed by the storm.

The devastated Boardwalk of Far Rockaway.

On Rockaway Beach Blvd, a waterline remains on an advertisement.

Bulldozers lie dormant near the sewage treatment plant in Far Rockaway.

A group of people waits for the Q53 bus at an unmarked stop to take them out of Far Rockaway. Empty police cars pass in the background.

The Q53 bus stuck in a long line of traffic on Cross Bay Blvd. The congested traffic was a result of the lack of power and signals combined with a long line of cars waiting to get gas at the nearest station.