In the early morning of November 15th peaceful protestors occupying Zuccotti Park were forcibly removed from their encampment. 140 people inside the two-month-old camp were arrested. The police tore down tents destroyed equipment and confiscated 5,000 books in the ‘people’s library.

During the action the mayor’s office ordered the Brooklyn Bridge to be closed, the subways near the park shutdown, the airspace above the park to be cleared of all press helicopters. Dressed in riot gear, hundreds of police barred the press entry to the park, and evicted the protestors with help of bulldozers and pepper spray.

That same morning, exhausted from the night’s ordeal, protestors regrouped near Canal and 6th Avenue. Hundreds of them marched to Zuccotti Park where the found a new set of occupiers barring entry to the park, the NYPD. The police and private security contractors barricaded themselves in the park refusing entry to anyone despite a court order ruling that must be open to the public.

Eventually Judge Michael Stallman ruled in favour of Mayor Bloomberg, New York City and Brookfield Office Properties against Occupy Wall Street. Police eventually reopened Zuccotti Park, after occupying it for many hours, letting protestors back in.