Street Photograph of the Day | 34th Street & 7th Avenue | Manhattan, NY

E-M5 – OLYMPUS M.17mm F1.8 – f/8 – 1/750 – ISO 250

My favorite corner in Manhattan is under construction.

I go into Manhattan less than I used to – as the last few years I have lived in Brooklyn and before that Queens. These days when I going to Manhattan I find that, the places that I love, and that represent New York the most to me – whether it is a corner, or a bar, or a restaurant – are gone. They say that; there is a New York for everyone – 8 million people, you can build your New York history however you damn well please. They also say; that you are not a real New Yorker until something that made New York yours, is gone.

The physical structure of Manhattan lends it its character, and its history of immigration and the smashing of cultures – in the vertical metropolis of industry and commerce – are quickly being erased by gentrification. Maybe gentrification is not the right word; perhaps CAPTALization is closer to the truth. NYC is becoming a tourist town and a playground for the rich.

But, they’re still places – certain corners that have a life about them, an edge about them, that speak to my values and my bones. It is just sad to see one go, knowing that it’s only going to be replaced by a set of values that I don’t understand.