I bought the GR in September when my OM-D started malfunctioning and was sent for repair.

I have always given Ricoh a sidelong glance, because a friend once told me Daido Moriyama uses one. I have always loved, and am influenced by his work.

In my first few months with the camera I almost sold it – there seemed to be a shutter delay, even in snap mode, and the dreadful AF in lowlight. But I kept the camera and seem to have fallen for the little sucker.

The dynamic range of the files, and the “organic” quality of the noise, lends itself to malleable files in post. I would go so far to say, the files are of the most malleable files I have come across (as far as dynamic range in concerned). Believe it or not, I took most of these with the small pop-up flash.

Anyone who has used a Ricoh, knows the interface and layout is great. How they made such a small camera so ergonomic is a tremendous.

First the pros:

1) Wow, this camera is compact. On slighty larger than my iPhone, and only twice as thick. It is a camera you can carry everywhere.

2) Snap mode. Genius. Combined with back button S-AF focus… wow.

3) Little pop-up flash is convenient and powerful.

4) The most ergonomic small camera I have used, period.

5) File quality is some of the best I have had the pleasure of working with.

6) Love the quality of noise. It is organic, and reminds me of film grain.

Not all is perfect. A few things harp this camera and destroy it from being an all around excellent experience.

1) The shutter-delay is a real bummer. I have found that even in snap mode, there is a slight delay from when I depress the shutter till when it fires. For most people this might not matter so much, but I work in fractions of a second on the street and I have missed many-a-shot because of it.

2) The refresh rate of the LCD in low-light sucks. It becomes choppy and laggy. Which is a real shame, for a camera the relies completely on the LCD.

3) The auto-focus in low-light is one of the worst I have used. Reminds me of point and shoot cameras from about ten years ago.

4) The camera is a dust magnet. I have some huge dust spots in the camera and there is no way to remove them. The camera is not sealed well enough, and the dust is so large I am afraid it is only a matter of time before it ruins a good picture.

5) No External charger? Lame.

6) Why can’t I set a max ISO in TaV mode? This make the mode almost completely useless.

-Wish there was an option for a EVF, or in my most extravagant fantasies – an OVF with electronic info overlay.

-Would like to have the option of setting the C-AF/S-AF toggle, to toggle between snap / S-AF. C-AF on this camera does not work well and I use both snap and S-AF all the time.

-Also would love to be able to set a one button press to toggle a certain “myset”. Often times I will be shooting with flash, and then sometimes I want to press one button and shoot without it.

-If I had one firmware wish, besides max iso in TaV, it would be better refresh rate for the LCD in low light. The choppiness is very disappointing.

So here are a bunch of photos, all taken with the Ricoh.

R0010836 R0020440 R0020433 R0020432 R0020431 R0020175 R0020152 R0020146 R0011490 R0011458 R0011276 R0011202 R0011154 R0010886 R0010879 R0010877 R0010872 R0010866